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Frequently Asked Questions


1Q. If my numbers drop am I able to transfer my deposits onto drinks or take it off my final payment?
A. Unfortunately all payments are non-refundable or exchangeable and therefore would not be able to be put towards alcohol or final payments.
2Q. How can we make our payments to you?
A. There are three different methods:

1: Bring the cash down to us at the Museum which is open 10.00am – 5.00pm
2: Send a cheque through the post made payable to Royal Armouries International.
3: Pay over the phone by debit/credit card.
4: Pay by bank transfer – ask a member of the team for our bank details.
3Q. When are full payments due?
A. All final payments are due in on Wednesday 1st November 2017, or the date specified on your Provisional email if different.
4Q. Do you take credit cards on the evening of the event?
A. Yes we do accept credit cards for a minimum transaction of £5.00 spent.


1Q. We have some members of the team who are working late so cannot arrive until after 9.00pm, is this ok?
A. Due to our license we cannot serve alcohol unless we serve food therefore the latest people will be allowed to arrive is 8.00pm when dinner is served.
2Q. What time do the bars open and when is dinner served?
A. The timings of the night are as follows:

• 6.00pm – Bars open (Complimentary drink available dependant on package booked)
• 8.00pm – Dinner served
• 9.30pm – Entertainment starts
• 1.00am – Bars Close (12.30am – Sunday, 1.30am – NYE)
• 1.30am – Carriages (1.00am – Sunday, 2.00am – NYE)

Dress Code

1Q. What is the dress code and can people wear trainers and jeans?
• The dress code is smart, absolutely no jeans, trainers, football shirts, t-shirts or baseball caps.
• The dress code for Masquerade Ball New year’s Eve is Black Tie.
• The dress code for Glitter Ball New year’s Eve is Smart Dress – Strictly NO jeans or trainers.
• Footwear must be worn throughout the evening, if you fancy a dance bring some flat shoes.

Menu's & Dietary Requirements

1Q. One of our guests has dietary requirements is this ok?
A. This is absolutely not a problem we can provide an alternative for guests with dietary requirements. It is very important however that these dietary requirements are clearly listed on the provided menu forms; this informs our staff of the request, instructs them where you are located in the room and overall ensures that service runs smoothly on the evening.
2Q. Can I request how my food choice is cooked?
A. Unfortunately not, this course will be served to the chef’s preference.
3Q. Why don’t you have Christmas pudding on offer?
A. We have acted on previous year’s feedback that people have given and Christmas pudding is not to everyone’s taste.

Table Plans

1Q. How will we know where we are sitting?
A. The menu forms you return will become your table plan so whoever is on a form will be on the same table. When you arrive you will be greeted by a member of the sales team who will be able to show you to the table plan and advised you of your table number.
2Q. We have 13+ people in our party; can we not just squeeze one more around the table?
A. We have 5ft tables that can seat a maximum of 10 people and we cannot physically fit more chairs around the table. We have a limited supply of 6ft tables available on a first come first served basis which can seat a maximum of 12 people, however once again we cannot accommodate any more chairs than this around the table.


1Q. Can I order wine at my table?
A. Why waste time queueing at the bar? Pre-order your drinks and they’ll be chilled on your table awaiting your arrival. Drinks pre-order forms will be sent to you at the time of booking, please note orders must be placed and paid for at least two working days in advance. There will be a wine pre-order point available on the evening, otherwise you will need to visit the bar to order all drinks.
2 Q. Can we request songs from the DJ?
A. Yes, our DJ’s will happily take requests from guests during the party, however please be aware that this does always depend on time available to the DJ and requests already received.
3Q. Can I give my drinks vouchers away to friends that might be attending on another night?
A. Unfortunately not, the drinks / cocktail vouchers are only valid for that night only. The vouchers are also non – refundable and can not be credited back after the event.
4Q. We are planning on holding our secret Santa during the party can we bring wine to give out?
A. We have security on the doors that do search bags. Any alcohol will be taken away and will be available for collection at the end of the evening.
5Q. A member of our party is under the age of 18, will they be allowed to attend if we make sure they do not consume alcohol?
A. No, our terms and conditions strictly state no under 18’s are allowed to attend our Christmas Party Nights and there will be a strict ID checking policy in place on the evening. Any under 18’s will be asked to leave the premises.
6Q. Can alcohol be brought in to the party or taken off premises?
A. Due to the licence we hold, no alcohol can be brought on site, and all alcohol purchased from us must be consumed on the night. Glassware & bottles are not permitted to leave the venue.

Directions & Taxi Info

1Q. How do we get to the venue?
A. Follow the brown tourist signs to the Royal Armouries Museum or click here to download a map.
2Q. Where is the taxi drop off and pick up points?
A. There are three drop off points at Clarence Dock and they are as follows:

• Mumtaz
• Tesco
• Holiday Inn Express
3Q. Is there a car park, and how much is it?
A. There is a 1650 space car park available on site charging approximately:

• Up to 1 hour £2.00
• Up to 2 hours £4.00
• Up to 3 hours £5.00
• Up to 4 hours £6.00
• Up to 5 hours £7.00
• Up to 6 hours £8.00
• Up to 7 hours £9.00
• Up to 12 hours £10.00
• Up to 24 hours £12.00